The Team

Francois Sevenster (Owner), Sean (Plasterer), William (Carpenter/Welder), Tania (Manager), Johannes (Fibre Glass Specialist).

Sport Services: A Compact Overview

Sport Services specializes in the building, maintenance and repair of squash courts, swimming pools and other sport facilities.

We own the Wall Protective Layer (SA Patent no 97/2385). An extremely durable, low maintenance product for application on Squash Court front walls and lining on swimming pools.

Other Services:

  • Fitment of new gymnasiums including different types flooring.
  • Scientific based placement of equipment (Member acquired degree in Human Movement Sciences at University of Pretoria).

Fitting of sportflooring (example squash courts, group training areas & school halls etc.) – save really big compared to conventional flooring.

Installation of glass backs with savings up to 30%.

Specialized repairs on floors and walls instead of costly replacement.

Building/resurfacing of all weather courts.

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“Sport Services is well positioned to ensure a low to no risk result. This is due to relentless research and development, extensive experience (since 1995), optimum utilisation of resources and intense commitment to quality.”

Quality Means Absolutely No Excuses!

Quality means job security and customer satisfaction.

Quality means always doing it right!

Quality is providing what customers want and need.

Quality means zero tolerance for error!

Quality means never taking shortcuts.

Finally, Quality starts with me!

Quality is who we are and what we are all about.