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Sport Services is a well-established company that specializes in the restoring, building and maintenance of various sport facilities.

Sport Services is the proud owner of the Wall Protective Layer SA Patent No 97/2385: An ultra-low maintenance lining used for squash court walls and swimming pools.

Squash courts

Deterioration of walls, especially the front walls of squash courts, is a common problem. The damage is in part created when the ball leaves the wall, creating massive negative atmospheric pressure. It is the same effect as a landmine, the creation of a pothole, the same force that keeps a 300 ton aircraft in the air.
The Wall Protective Layer was developed to prevent this deterioration and offers you the following advantages:
  • It prevents costly and regular maintenance of your facilities.
  • It is virtually indestructible: Not even decades of pounding squash balls have the ability to damage the product.
  • The coated surface will never have to be painted again.
  • Sport Services guarantees the product for three years but indications are that it will last a lifetime.
  • The first wall that was coated with the Wall protective layer is now in commission for 19 years and needed no maintenance to date.
  • The Wall Protective Layer (SA Patent No 97/2385) is competitively priced compared to conventional methods.
  • The product is accredited by Squash South Africa as suitable for championship play.
  • We are DAMN good at repairing floors and walls – no need for costly replacements.

Multi-purpose Flooring

There are exiting new products available:

  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • A multitude of colours available
  • Logo branding on your flooring.

Other sport facilities:

Except for squash courts, Sport Services also specializes in the building, upgrading and maintenance of the following sport facilities by using state of the art, researched and proven materials and methods:

  • All weather courts.
  • Swimming pools. The patented Wall Protective Layer for squash courts is also used as a lining for pools.
  • All types of sport flooring including wooden, synthetic etc.
  • Fitment of gymnasiums.
  • Building of lightweight, affordable containers for multitude of uses. A 6 m x 2m unit can be assembled and dissembled in approx. 45 minutes or less and easily transported on a trailer.

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We install local flooring at nearly half the price compared to imported wood. DO NOT replace a floor before contacting us. Most floors (even previously flooded floors) can be repaired.


Why use imported glass backs if we can install a local product. The ever weakening Rand make this an obvious choice.


Plastering squash court front walls is extremely specialized work. We have, through years of research and development eventually found the recipe that LAST. No more disintegration of walls.